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PKMN Glitch Team by pseudonymjones PKMN Glitch Team by pseudonymjones
So I never finished up my entry for the Battle Frontier thing [link] , but I really like these dudes so maybe I'll find a use for them someday. The story was this trainer - Mitch - was surfing with his Squirtle off the coast of Cinnebar Island when he encountered a wild Missingno. It messed up his Trainerdata and his Squirtle's code and left them both significantly glitched. He was banned from the League (they don't look kindly upon glitching) HOWEVER since the encounter he found that his backpack contained infinite Nuggets so he used his newfound wealth to open a shelter for glitched and abandoned Pokemon.

Now he battles in independent tournaments, promoting glitch awareness, using his team of foundling Pokemon. They are:

Missingno.: Mitch's Squirtle was so badly damaged that it became a Missingno. itself. It it his most loyal Pokemon, though it has lost a significant amount of its mobility. It retained its old moveset. [Surf] [Skull Bash] [Iron Defense] [Secret Power]

Magikarp: glitched-out level. Because his level data is not a number, his stats are astronomical. His ATK, for example, is (picture of a flower)(female symbol)(water tile) -- which means he could rip time asunder if only he was able to learn a single damaging attack. His Splash, while officially having "no effect," has been known to distort reality and leave those who witness it with a profound understanding of their insignificance in relation to the universe.

Magneton: its glitched-out personality value makes it extremely erratic. Mitch doesn't like to let it out of its Pokeball, because he cannot control it -- but he still brings it to competitions because its unpredictability makes it a formidible foe. Its "moveset" is more like a list of things it does when Mitch lets it loose: [Screech] [Gyro Ball] [Discharge] [Explosion]

Hitmonlee: has only half his body, due to a glitched sprite. He's a strong and fast fighter, though his accuracy leaves something to be desired. He'll just keep kicking at air until he gets a piece of his opponent. [Hi Jump Kick] [Close Combat] [Endure] [Reversal]

Exeggutor: the result of a trainer attempting to abuse a breeding glitch, the grotesque offspring of an Exeggutor and a Jigglypuff (two Pokemon that would not and should not otherwise mate). She is pleasant enough however, and would much rather sing and dance than battle. Luckily, she does as much damage doing that. The song she sings is garbled glitchspeak that sounds like an autotuned dial-up modem. [Sing] [Stomp] [Confuse] [Leaf Storm]

Marowak: her glitched Bone Club increases her strength several times over, though all the power has made her extremely HP-thirsty and disobedient. Her original trainer left her at Mitch's shelter after she was banned from League competition after her first match, having "injurously clubbed" the opposing trainer's six Pokemon, the opposing trainer, the opposing trainer's family, and a dozen of those in attendance. [Bone Club] [Rage] [Focus Energy] [Earthquake]
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Karenin-Akbash-07 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The magikarp deserves a million free internets ;;u;; It is that glorious XD That team is one of the best teams out there, I tell you! XD
Lycanstrife Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2011
Reading your bio on the magikarp made me laugh. Great idea!
Areebee Featured By Owner May 11, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
That is such a cool idea! I love it!
burgertime Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
hellodingo Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2010
I absolutely love your style, and seeing horrifying reject monster pokemon drawn with it makes me very happy.
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